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How to make delicious cold brew coffee

Cold coffee. Have we gone mad? no, we certainly have not, here's why - cold brew coffee is one of the easiest ways to extract delicious flavours from coffee and it's really, really, really simple ...

Redbank Coffee Roasters

Redbank coffee – a familiar coffee roaster on our shelves. So good that we have restocked some more of their exciting coffees this spring. Based in the heart of Cumbria under the shadow of the ol...

Hasbean Coffee Roasters

We are back on the road for our guest coffee tour and this time we are heading to the East Midlands to introduce – Hasbean coffee roasters. Hasbean are a fantastic roastery with an extensive rang...

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Girls Who Grind Coffee are next up on our guest coffee roaster list, owned and run by Somerset based duo Fi Obrien and Casey Lalonde, (they're actually from Australia and the US but have now set u...

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

You would be forgiven for thinking that the next guest in our coffee roaster showcase was from the big apple in the U.S of A, However Manhattan Coffee Roasters has its roots firmly set in the Neth...

How we test coffee.

All of the coffee that we supply is meticulously taste-tested, in house. We do this using some of the world's best and most advanced coffee machinery.

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