Ali Bradley - Handmade Ceramics - Mlkwood Store

Ali Bradley

Ali Bradley of Carr House Studio.

Ali makes all the ceramics at her home studio near Filey, Yorkshire. 

Soap dishes, egg trays, delicate decorations and a variety of beautiful vases.

Any special requests about Ali's work, do get in touch. 


Well designed toys, puzzles and gifts from Areaware - a gift and home accessories brand based in Brooklyn, NY and Columbus, Ohio.


Everything we've had come in new or we've had a restock in. We add new items every week so make sure to checkback.

Before Breakfast Stationery - Mlkwood Store

Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast designs and makes their own paper goods by hand in their London studio, using sustainable methods of printing with soy-based Risograph ink as well as traditional hot foil blocking - both methods have been proven to be more eco-friendly, as the removal of the ink and foil during the recycling process has been shown to create less waste.

Brick Sixty

Brick Sixty

London-based studio who design and make products in the form of the much-loved London brick.

"The hand cast products symbolise London; the products will always be made in London and stocked at unique stores. Just like the city itself, all our products are designed to be completely inclusive and crafted for all to enjoy."

Vegetarian, vegan and cruelty free. 

Charis Raine - Artist - Mlkwood Store

Charis Raine

We first came across Charis in her lovely home town of York at Open Studio's.

Instantly fell in love with her fun illustrations and pins.

Check out her lovely selection of cards, prints, pins and washi tape.

Coffee - Mlkwood Store - Yorkshire


All things coffee related, from beans sourced from around the world to brewing equipment and coffee essentials potentially made in your hometown.

Coffee Beans - Mlkwood Store - Yorkshire

Coffee Beans

A range of carefully chosen coffee beans, roasted by some of the world's best coffee roasters. All taste tested in a variety of brew methods, ensuring you receive only the very best coffee tasting experience.


Faber Castell

A collection of stationery from Faber Castell are the world's largest and oldest manufacturers of pens, pencils, other office supplies.

Floris Hovers Wooden Toys

Floris Hovers Wooden Toys

Wooden toys/ornaments handmade by Dutch designer Floris Hovers, each design thoughtfully created with a great understanding of colours, composition and shape.

Flourish Magazine

Flourish Magazine

"Flourish is a Travel and Lifestyle publication focusing its content around outdoor living, nature, culture, sustainability and the search for a physical existence."

Volume's 1-3 Available now. 

Friedhats Coffee Roasters

Friedhats Coffee Roasters

Friedhats Coffee Roasters are a micro-roastery based in Amsterdam, their coffees are all super tasty and come packaged in very cool pill bottles, wrapped with bright abstract labels.

Gifts - Mlkwood Store - Yorkshire


Looking for something special and unique, browse our selection of gifts from ceramics, to jewellery. Many of our items made locally in Yorkshire.

Greetings Cards & Wrap - Mlkwood Store - Yorkshire

Greetings Cards & Wrap

If you're wanting a gift card that's a little bit different, that's created by artists or something a little bit special to wrap your presents in, have a peruse through our selection.



Hario represents exceptional quality for brewing specialty coffee and tea at home or in cafés. Whether you're just getting started with brewing filter coffee at home, are looking to upgrade your kit or simply need some more filters - we've got you covered.

Here Be Monsteras - Ceramics - Mlkwood Store

Here be Monsteras

Wheel thrown ceramics, made in York by Kayti. 

"I work with stoneware clays and decorate them using coloured slips, underglaze and glazes. I love to play with brushstrokes, dots, simple half-and-half dipped designs and my latest experiments into screen printing onto clay are proving very exciting! I get a lot of joy when working on colour palettes and like to do limited runs for each season."

Hose tights - Mlkwood store - Yorkshire


A creative collection of hand printed tights designed and printed in Washington, England.

Each pair is hand printed with traditional silk screens.

Ikonic Toys

Ikonic Toys

Creating innovative, playful products and concepts with great designers is the essence of IKONIC. They want their customers whether they're adults or children to think outside of the box and inspire a new way of thinking.



Usability and aesthetics. Kinto aspire to create products that help and stand by you in everyday life. They take inspiration from the moments and stories their customers hold dear. They want their products to give to give fulfillment with every use.

Lucy Addison, Applied Artist.

Lucy Addison, Applied Artist.

Lucy Addison designs and makes her jewellery & ceramics in her shared studio/workshop based in Middlesbrough.

"My silver collection is inspired by quotes and sayings which bring positivity to the wearer. My love for quotes and happy, positive sayings translates across various disciplines of my work, including my ceramics."

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Manhattan Coffee Roasters

Shop the collection of some frankly outrageous, forward-thinking, and interesting coffees from what is widely renowned as one of the best coffee roasters in the world - Manhattan Coffee Roasters of Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Japanese brand Midori, makers of stionery clips in a variety of shapes to add a touch of fun to any day-to-day scene


Moleskin "notably" well-made notepads and stationery from a world-renowned brand.

Nolki Stationery

Nolki Stationery

Nolki design funky paper products from their studio in London.

View their range of colourful notepads, planners and stationery to keep you organised in the most stylish of ways.

Panda Botanicals - Candles - Mlkwood Store

Panda Botanicals

Established in 2017, Panda Botanicals provide eco soy wax candles in a variety of scents. Their aim, to provide greener home-ware choices. 

Their candles are made in functional jars that can easily be re-used and recycled after. 

All their fragrances are phthalate and cruelty free, the wicks are cotton core with no zinc. The wax is also made from a mixture of rapeseed and soy. 

As part of the ethos and commitment, Panda Botanicals also donates 10% off their profits to Eco Charities. 

Queen Air Plants

Queen Air Plants

Based in the Netherlands, Queen Air Plants carefully select the plants in the nursery, so that we can provide you the most beautiful varieties. Their nursery is certificated with MPS and Global-gab. This means that the nursery works sustainable, hygienically and safely.

Red Bank Coffee

Red Bank Coffee

Redbanks roasting philosophy is to roast each coffee such that it is fully developed, but to terminate the roast before "roast" flavours start to develop. The ultimate goal is to unlock each coffee's full potential, and to allow it to sing in the cup.



Serax makes your home look more beautiful, adds personality to your interior, and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. We only work with passionate designers all over the globe. From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, our products are manufactured exclusively by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design. Our collections are unique in shape, material and style. 



Currently stocking Tilda's Tribe goats milk soap and Brick Sixty. 

Goats milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

It is also perfect for healthy skin or as a nice little treat for someone to pamper themselves. 

Squire Me

Swiss brand, Squire Me are creators of bright and bold glass drinks bottles, perfect for drinks on the go.

Standart Magazine

Standart Magazine

Literature-primarily focused on coffee and the various cultures and sub-cultures that go hand in hand with the ever-growing industry.

Think beautiful photography coupled with well-written articles spotlighting the Coffee Industry's current posture and the future ahead of it.

Stationery - Mlkwood Store - Yorkshire


Calling all stationery addicts! We have everything you need to add to your collection.

Planners, notebooks, pens, washi tapes and more. 

Studio Lowen - Mlkwood Store

Studio Lowen

"Studio Lowen pieces are made with joy in my little garden studio in Cornwall. Created with the simple objective of designing and making pieces that bring happiness through aesthetic and functionality.

The name Studio Lowen was born simply from the idea of the Studio being a happy place to make and create, a place of joy."

Studio Wald - Mlkwood Store - Yorkshire

Studio Wald

Located in Leeds, Studio Wald design and produce homewares, prints and stationery with careful attention to ideas, print, pattern and process.

All paper products are printed and finished in England (mainly in our home county of Yorkshire) using either recycled or FSC certified paper. Wherever possible components such as envelopes, cork and even hooks are sourced from manufacturers in either England or Europe.



Created by Japanese brand T-lab. T-lab takes care to replant the wood used on their farmland in Indonesia. 

Each animal is carved, sanded and painted by hand.

Polepole (poh-leh poh-leh) meaning slowly, slowly in Swahili describes how these little guys are created

Happy News - Mlkwood Store - Yorkshire

The Happy News

The newspaper to celebrate all that's good in the world.

A pleasant read to fill you with happiness written by Emily Coxhead.

Issues 15 & 17 Available now. 

Three Ridings Coffee

Three Ridings Coffee

Three Ridings Coffee are Yorkshiremen with a passion for all things coffee. We set out with a simple goal - to supply a range of products that we love, to people who are as passionate about them as we are.

Tilda's Tribe - Goats Milk - Mlkwood Store

Tilda's Tribe

Tilda's Tribe Goats Milk Soap. 

Made in Yorkshire, Tilda's Tribe is a family of Jade, Josh and their small herd of goats. 

100% natural, no parabens, no palm oils and no plastic!

Tom Hardwick

Tom Hardwick

Tom is an illustrator from East Yorkshire. He graduated from Hull School of Art and Design where he enjoyed painting, printing, drawing and all things illustration.

Tom enjoys the British countryside and the natural world and creates various prints and illustrated goods inspired by it.

Toyo Tool Box

Toyo Tool Box

Pressed steel toolboxes made by Toyo in Osaka, Japan. As good looking as they are handy. Featuring seamless clean lines & branding, toyed with sturdy clasps and striking paint schemes - ideal to store stationery, tools, toys, camping gear and much more.

Travel Cups

Travel Cups

Travels cups for all your coffee, hot drink or cold drink needs. Some are handcrafted and bespoke whilst others are well designed and thoughtful in their approach.



Coming from Bristol and creating their own brand of Scandinavian and Japanese influenced products, UStudio create charming and quirky gifts.