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All of the coffee that we supply is meticulously taste-tested, in house. We do this using some of the world's best and most advanced coffee machinery.


Decent DE1 XL Pro Coffee Machine:

Take a La-Marzocco, add a 1950's lever machine and mix in a Victoria Arduino, you still won't get as much coffee making control as you do with a Decent DE1 Pro.

This machine enables us to control multiple coffee making variables;

    • pressure profiling
    • flow profiling
    • real-time temperature controlling
    • steam pressure and temperature and much more

We can also set the Decent to match the pressure profiles of other coffee machines, allowing us to emulate how our coffee will taste on the customer's own equipment. 

This coffee machine really does take coffee making to the next level, it has an array of sensors, each of which taking accurate measurements at the group head rather than "guesstimations" that are often used in other espresso machines. 

This is the future of espresso-making, we expect to see some of its features rolled out into other coffee making equipment in the plays Youtube too - belting.


Mahlkonig EK43:

An outstanding grinder that has become iconic in speciality coffee shops and roasteries worldwide.
We use ours for a variety of purposes; it's fantastic for grinding small batches of coffee for us to cup and equally as impressive and consistent when grinding larger batches of coffee, for our customers to brew at home.


Mahlkonig E65 Grind by weight:

A class-leading espresso grinder with never before seen weight controlled grinding technology.
This grinder uses sensors between the burrs to measure the degree of fineness along with real-time scale controlled grinding - it truly is the next generation of espresso grinding.


Puqpress Q2:

This is a device that accurately tamps coffee - perfectly flat and at an exact pressure every time. We use our puqpress when tasting and testing our coffee to ensure that one of our espresso making variables is kept consistent.


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