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Cold coffee.

Have we gone mad? no, we certainly have not, here's why - cold brew coffee is one of the easiest ways to extract delicious flavours from coffee and it's really, really, really simple to do (it's easy to make cold brew coffee - did we mention that?)


Here's our go-to recipe and brew guide to making cold brew coffee using a Hario Mizudashi 600ml Cold brew pot:

Recipe: 50g coarsely ground coffee to 600ml cold water - 10 hour brew time.


  • grind 50g of coffee (very coarse - set your grinder to the most coarse setting, then adjust finer by about 2 clicks)



  • add ground coffee into the filter section of the brewer


  • pour 600g of cold water through the coffee grounds - into the pot, give the pot a little swirl (for the best results use filtered water or Volvic/Tesco Ashbeck)


  • put the pot in the fridge and leave to brew for a minimum of 8 hours (we find 10 hours is just about perfect)


  • remove the pot from fridge and pour the brewed coffee over ice - dilute if necessary

Tip - adding slice of fruit such as lemon adds even more to the taste experience

Here's everything you'll need to get cold brewing:

Three Ridings Coffee Yirgacheffe is our current favourite coffee to cold brew

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot 600ml

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