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Three Ridings Coffee - Anise Barrel Aged by Diego Bedoya - Light Roast 170g

The most mind-blowing coffee we have ever had the pleasure of roasting!

Yep, we're not kidding, this stuff is WILD.

The aroma alone is a huge smack in the face and when brewed it only gets better.

Expect huge amounts of marzipan sweetness akin to a big chunk of Battenberg cake, a super creamy mouthfeel like white chocolate and the booziest aniseed liquor finish you'll ever taste - Pernot/Sambuca/Anisette.

The coffee comes from renowned producer Diego Bedoya and here's a bit about the processing:

  • The varietal is a Tabi (already a great start).

  • Picked and Anaerobically fermented for 240 hours.

  • Dried on drying beds within a marquee for one month.

  • The coffee is then milled.

  • The milled greens then go into an Anisette Liquor barrel to age for a further month.

Flavour Scale out of 5:

Roast - 1 / 2

Nuts - 0 / 5

Sweet - 4 / 5

Cocoa - 2 / 5

Fruity - 2 / 5

Funky - 3 / 5

Booze - 5 / 5

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