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Handmade Cyclist A2 Art Print - Contre Le Montre

The Race of Truth.

One rider, against the clock. The ultimate test of power, focus and aerodynmics. Nowhere to hide.

Featuring striking halftone textures and vibrant colour, Contre-la-Montre takes its name from the French term for the time trial, where a solo rider completes a course against the clock.

The time trial requires the ultimate in focus and effort. Our Contre-la-Montre print highlights the rider’s commitment, power and aerodynamic position as they battle against the wind and terrain. 

The print features our signature stripped-back style and subtle, design-led detailing. This includes the use of the Caracteres typeface - a nod to the roads of France, where Caracteres features on every road sign.

Contre-la-Montre features fine details and a premium quality finish, with super-subtle textures that are only truly revealed when you see the print in the flesh.

Handmade Cyclist A2 Art Print - Contre Le Montre

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