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Girls Who Grind Coffee -Girl Crush - House Espresso - 250g

Tasting Notes - Silky Milk Chocolate // Nougat // Praline // Red Fruit

Roasters Description -

Girl Crush is GWGC current coffee crush for espresso-based drinks, consider it the house espresso from the Girls Who Grind Coffee Clubhouse. Sometimes single-origin, sometimes a blend but always from incredible female producers and consistently delivering a perfectly balanced and full-bodied cup.

A medium roast profile that creates a superb all-rounder that is sweet and silky smooth with subtle acidity making it an absolute dreamboat in both black and milk-based drinks with very little faff required to really bring her full flavour profile to light. We promise she'll be a crowd-pleaser.

This easy-to-work-with coffee shines with the traditional espresso recipe of 18g in/36g out extracting between 28-30 seconds, but we'll be honest, we've found GC to be so forgiving, it's actually harder to brew a bad espresso with this coffee than it is to brew a banging one. 




Girls Who Grind Coffee -Girl Crush - House Espresso - 250g

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