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Big Dog Coffee Roasters - Aelin Lau - Brazil, Sao Lucas - Whole Bean 250g

Country - Brazil

Farm – Fazenda Sao Lucas

Altitude – 1020 meters above sea level

Location – Cristais Paulistas, Alta Mogiana, Sao Paulo

Process – Natural

Varietal – Catuai

SCA Score - 83

Tasting Notes - A sweet and balanced coffee with flavors of milk chocolate, cocoa, peanuts. A pleasant aftertaste, low acidity, good body and clean taste to finish.

A classic Brazilian coffee encompassing our values of quality, transparency and strong relationships. This single origin coffee from Fazenda Sao Lucas has a bright and remarkable acidity with hints of chocolate and walnuts. The coffee leaves the mouth with a very light and pleasant aftertaste and moreish notes of brown sugar and maple syrup make it a naturally sweet cup. Its stunning aroma is very soft and sophisticated, perfect for brewing as an espresso or filter.

A strong, direct relationship with the producer Gabriel and his nephew Calum, allows Big Dog Coffee to ensure the coffee quality is consistent and memorable. The sweetness of the coffee is a result of the coffee varietal Yellow Catuai and the natural processing method utilised at the Sao Lucas farm.

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