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Three Ridings Coffee "The Slowest Starter" Retail Coffee - 200g

The Slowest Starter is our single-origin coffee from Costa Rica and has deliciously sweet chocolatey flavours that shine through a lively and bright tartness. It's a tasty all-rounder and is a delight when brewed in any method.

It's a gourmet-quality coffee that's grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soils, 1350metres above sea level making it some of the highest grown and tastiest coffee available from Central America.

Tasting Notes - Sweet Chocolate - Lively Apple Tartness

Variety - Caturrai, Catuai

Roast Degree - Medium

Origin - Costa Rica

Processing Method - Washed, Machine Dried

Altitude - 1350+ m.a.s.l

Grade - SHB

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