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Three Ridings Coffee "Out Of Bounds" Retail Coffee - 200g

Out of Bounds is our cricket inspired - India Monsoon Malabar coffee.

It's a uniquely rich coffee with strong, full-bodied tastes of chocolate and ground spice along with earthy and woody tones.

A truly indulgent coffee that pairs perfectly with milk and delivers a sumptuous drink with a flavour profile that's utterly unique to this type of roast.

What is Indian Monsoon Malabar Coffee?
Monsoon Malabar coffee (also known as Monsooned Malabar) gets its name from the extraordinary environment to which the coffee cherry is exposed.

Once harvested, this particular type of coffee is exposed to three or four months of Monsoon rain and winds, causing it to swell and lose any tastes of acidity and amplify the earthy and rich flavours that it's famous for.

Tasting Notes - Light Spice  -  Dark Chocolate  - Cedar

Roast Degree - Dark

Origins - India

Processing Method - Monsoon Malabar

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