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Redbank Coffee Kilimbi Rwanda Natural - 250g

Tasting Notes - Sour Cherry  //  Raspberry Jam  //  Nectarine

Roasters Description - 

The Kilimbi Washing Station is located spectacularly on the eastern shore of Lake Kivu in Rwanda’s Western Province. It was the first washing station to be established by the young and innovative Muraho Trading Company (MTC) whose focus is on quality, and showcasing Rwanda’s great potential for high-grade speciality coffee.

Since building Kilimbi in March 2016, MTC has gone on to establish the Gisheke, Rugali, Shyira, Vunga and Bumbogo washing stations, and we look forward to exploring all that they have to offer with you over the coming months and years. But right now, it’s time for Kilimbi to take the spotlight with this stunning natural bourbon.

Kilimbi was the first washing station in Rwanda to be granted approval to produce natural and honey processed coffees, and it has set the bar in this respect. This year 1,078 farmers in the surrounding area delivered their coffee to Kilimbi. The coffee is hand-sorted, then floated to separate out under-ripe or damaged cherries, before being laid out to dry on traditional African raised beds. The grass and weeds below the beds are meticulously maintained and removed to prevent ground moisture from interfering with the drying process and the large open plain across which the beds are constructed ensure plenty of airflow and sunlight for optimal drying conditions.

The quality of the processing is evident in the cup. The coffee is incredibly clean and bursting with fruit flavour. We think it tastes like sour cherry, raspberry jam and nectarine - in short, lip-smackingly delicious.

Origin - Kilimbi Washing Station, Nyamasheke District, Western Province, Rwanda

Altitude - 1,650 - 1,850 M.A.S.L

Process - Natural

Variety - Bourbon

Redbank Coffee  Kilimbi Rwanda Natural - 250g

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