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Pressing Matters Magazine- Issue 15

In this issue -

Issue 15 could well be our most diverse edition yet, taking in collage and abstraction, collaboration and play. Our featured artists may find their inspiration from different sources, but it’s their shared love of ink on paper that binds them together as printmaking allies.

Whether they’re representing people or place in their own unique way – often using intriguing tools and approaches to their work – they help us to navigate the world through their creative offerings. Seeing things through the eyes of another has long been important, now seemingly more so than ever before. 

So, let’s embrace the rich variety of printmaking in these pages and the people who make it. It’s a gift to us all and one that just keeps on giving. 

Featured Artists/Studios:

Tess Baxter • BookbindingRC Simon Burder • Alexandria Couch Danielle Creenaune • Fresca Studio Gos Lab • Anna Hermsdorf  Matthias Jaschke • Theresa Künig Sophie Lewisohn • Luis Paadin  Manolo Prieto • James Randell  Superdruk • Philippa C Thomas  Amy Torgeson • Giulio Vesprini  Karen Wicks

Pressing Matters Magazine- Issue 15

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