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Manhattan Coffee. La Divina El Salvador - 250g (filter)

Tasting notes - Chocolate // Cranberry // Nougat

Process - Natural

Variety -  Red Bourbon

Country of origin - El Salvador

Micro Region - Santa Ana

Altitude - 1600masl

Roasted for filter.

El SalvadorLa Davina. The Santa Ana region that this farm is located in is known for having harvesting conditions leading to a more intensive taste and acidity than other regions of El Salvador. This exciting cup of coffee is a red bourbon variety, naturally processed with a sweet aroma filled with red berries and an acidic intensity that marries cranberry, chocolate, and nougat with expertise. Think cold January days on the east coast, gusty winds sweeping past seaside sweet shops and you won't be far from this cup.

Roasters description -

Roberto did not inherit Divina Providencia, as most farms in El Sal land on the owners’ lap. His family only had low elevation farms, but Roberto had a mission to produce the best coffee possible, so he went as high as he could up the Santa Ana Volcano and bought an abandoned farm. Little by little, he has continued buying abandoned farms to put Divina Providencia together.

At a time when coffee farming is not very profitable and El Sal’s production has hit rock bottom, Divina Providencia exists because Roberto is driven by an unstoppable passion to produce amazing coffees.
Visiting his farm is a lesson in coffee production, from his use of ancient plant management techniques unknown to most farmers, to his deep knowledge of plant biology, it’s amazing to work with an engineer who knows so much about coffee. That’s why he’s often referred to as Dr. Ulloa, if there was a degree for coffee farming, Roberto would not only be a PhD, he would be teaching the class. Most of his coffee is Red Bourbon but he also grows Kenya and Pacamara, very soon, he’ll have Java and Geisha in production as well! Expect notes of cranberry, nougat and chocolate.

Manhattan Coffee. La Divina El Salvador - 250g (filter)

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