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Manhattan Coffee. Halo Zazale Ethiopia - 250g (filter)

Tasting notes - Lemon Blossom // Red Rose // Vanilla

*Now Reduced - Roast date - 06th Jan

Process - Natural

Variety -  Heirloom

Country of origin - Ethiopia

Micro Region - Yirgacheffe, Gedeb

Altitude - 1800masl

Roasted for filter.

Ethiopia Halo Zazelle. From the birthplace of arabica coffee, this lot is from the infamous coffee region of Yirgacheffe. One of my absolute favourite Regions for coffee whose flavour profiles are unmatched around the globe and holds a certain romance and reverence by coffee lovers around the world. This is a naturally processed heirloom coffee variety with almost winey characteristics in flavour backed with the traditional expectation of creamy lemon blossom juiciness with added florals of vanilla and red rose. Light, refreshing, and buttery in the mouth!

Roasters description -

We are happy to bring you another release of Ethiopian coffee! This coffee comes small holder farmers associated with the Halo Zazele community and washing station located in Gedeb, Yirgacheffe. The ripe cherries for this natural processed coffee have been carefully hand sorted in order to get the most robust cup. Expect notes of lemon blossom, vanilla and red rose.

Manhattan Coffee. Halo Zazale Ethiopia - 250g (filter)

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