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Girls Who Grind Coffee Juscyleia Reis Brazil - 250g

Tasting Notes - Rich Cocoa // Brown Sugar // Plum // Hazelnut

Roasters Description -

This lovely lady brings all things Brazilian in a beautiful balance that we felt was best translated when brewed in French Press with a straightforward recipe that gives you that big body-ody-ody and brown sugar and cocoa sweetness.



ALTITUDE / 1100 - 1250 MASL



About Juscyleia Reis:

In 2004 Juscyleia realised that her job as a seamstress would not be enough to cover all the costs of her two daughters’ college education. It was at this point that she delved into the world of coffee growing with no previous knowledge of coffee growing, but a willingness to work and a passion to learn about the whole process of planting, harvesting and drying. She spoke to others and searched for information and through this process fell in love with coffee.

In 2008 Juscyleia inherited a farm from her father and planted her first crop of only 5,000 feet of Mundo Novo coffee. When everyone said that there, in that place, she would never be able to harvest coffee, Juscyleia refused to be discouraged and, instead persisted. In 2012 she planted another 3,000 feet, but this time it was from Yellow Bourbon. She fought hard and worked hard for this coffee, having to prove herself even more so for being a woman.

Juscyleia continued to grow and learn, constantly evolving and improving her planting and processes. In 2018 she participated in the Minasul quality contest and of the 400 participants she was classified and finished the contest in 12th place! Having her name among the best coffees was the reward of many years of hard work and one of her greatest joys.

Juscyleia says “I am very proud to look back and see all the effort and difficulties that I went through and see where I got to. It was from this contest that I had another big surprise and happiness to see my coffee take over the world through Girls who Grind Coffee. I am very happy with this partnership. I wish that we can continue this partnership for many years and I guarantee that I will always do my best to guarantee an even better coffee!”.

Girls Who Grind Coffee Juscyleia Reis Brazil - 250g
Girls Who Grind Coffee Juscyleia Reis Brazil - 250g

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