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Dark Arts Coffee - AEON FLUX - Peru - 250g Wholebean

Peru, Cusco
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed, Extended Fermentation
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,000 masl

Maple syrup, citrus, chocolate, red berries

This coffee is from Finca Tunkimayu; a farm ran by Shyntia Castañeda who has taken over from her semi-retired father, Alejandro. Shyntia’s grandparents met while working on a coffee estate, and after getting married in 1964 they acquired some land of their own and started to produce coffee, but it was Alejandro who made the transition from commercial to specialty. The then 60 year old was recognised by the local government for improving the speciality production of the region. Shyntia grew up spending her time in the fields with her parents; experiencing and helping with all aspects of production. As she got older she studied anthropology, specifically Amazonian Quechua societies, and it was these studies that galvanised her desire to be in harmony with nature, which in turn influenced her approach to farming.
“This experience not only enriched my understanding of the world around me but also reaffirmed my commitment to defending the rights of indigenous communities and promoting initiatives that enhance their well-being and empowerment.”


Dark Arts Coffee - AEON FLUX - Peru - 250g Wholebean

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