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Assembly Espresso Blend- Whole Bean 200g


Assembly Espresso Blend

The Assembly Espresso Blend has been created in collaboration with some of the most esteemed specialty coffee shops in the UK. The coffees that make up the Blend are regularly refined according to crop seasonality and our sourcing programme, currently it is comprised of:

  • Brazil - 70%
  • Panama - 15%
  • El Salvador - 15%

The Blend is designed to be versatile, equally suited to black and milk-based drinks and fine-tuned for the evolving palate of the UK coffee drinker. Its sweet, has a medium-full body, and a viscous mouthfeel. We recommend this coffee for anyone who enjoys a classic espresso.


Suggested recipe: 18g - 28s - 36g

Recommended resting period (from roast date): 14 days


Assembly Espresso Blend- Whole Bean 200g

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