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Manhattan Coffee. Connoisseurs Choice - 250g (espresso)

Tasting notes - Cherry // Chocolate // Honey

Farm - Fazenda JS

Producer - Inacio Soares

Country - Brazil

Micro region - Mata da Minas

Altitude - 800masl

Variety - Red and Yellow Catuai

Processing - Anaerobic honey


Station - Kinini

Community - Rebero

Country - Rwanda

Micro Region - Rusiga and Mbogo

Altitude - 2070masl

Variety - Bourbon Mayaguez

Processing - Washed

Roast - Espresso


Roasters Description:

Connoisseurs Choice is a blend designed by Esther Maasdam “Coffee Connoisseur”. The blend itself is comprised of two coffees. Inacio Soares (Brazil) and Kinini (Rwanda).

The combination of the two origins culminates to make an incredibly versatile coffee. It’s both jammy and sweet as an espresso but has enough cut to make a full and satisfying flavour in a milk drink. Expect cherry and raspberry with a juicy mouthfeel.

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